Mobility profoundly influences our daily lives. The methods we use to move - whether by foot, vehicle, bicycle, train, airplane, or boat - have sparked critical discussions across multiple disciplines. Beyond engineering and computer science, fields like data science, logistics, public health, and social sciences are increasingly focused on transportation. As connected and autonomous systems continue to evolve, they intersect with growing demands for mobility solutions that are equitable and accessible to diverse communities, presenting both new challenges and opportunities. The IEEE International Conference on Mobility: Operations, Services, and Technologies (MOST) is a symposium that focuses on them.

IEEE MOST offers a premier international platform that unites academic researchers and industry experts from various disciplines to delve into advancements and project future trends in mobility across land, air, and sea. IEEE MOST 2025 invites submissions of high-quality technical papers that concentrate on pioneering and evolving aspects of both indoor and outdoor mobility. We seek contributions that address innovative prototypes, infrastructure developments, tools and software systems, data analytics, logistics operations, cutting-edge algorithms, applied artificial intelligence, distributed and connected systems, autonomous vehicles, and related areas.


[May 1] MOST 2025 Website is live!

[May 10] MOST 2025 Call for Paper has been released!

[June 1] MOST 2025 Submission Site is ready!


Paper submission due: December 20, 2024

All paper notification: February 28, 2025

Camera ready date: March 14, 2025

Conference dates: May 4 - 6, 2025